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architectural millwork, front doorArchitectural Millwork


Definition of Architectural Millwork: “…all the wood exposed to view when the building is completed.  This includes residential and commercial cabinetry,

doors, windows, stairs, paneling, trim, and shelving.  Almost everything made of wood, built into or attached to the interior of a building"


Inspired Design, Innovative Thinking...If you require design assistance, our team will work hand in hand with you from start to finish.


Homestead design team will also offer guidance in material selection and produce CAD drawings that allows us to take your proposed ideas and transfer them into design concepts and working blueprint drawings that are both functional and pleasing to the eye.


The word “custom” has been overused in the industrial world. To clarify, our version of custom is: “Our source is trees. We are interested in the possibility of helping you to create anything that is made from wood.” The projects taken on over the years have been broad and too numerous to categorize. Bring in your ideas and we will assist you in finding a solution, either by manufacturing it or directing you to a possible source.