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kitchen, painted kitchen, fan hood, island, kitchen cabinetry

Kitchens are no longer the back alley room where food is prepared.  They are often the most lived in part of our homes, and the entertaining hub.



Your personal taste.  The possiblities with our built-in cabinetry are vitually endless.



Good work flow and plenty of storage are keys to well designed kitchen.  Look at your lifestyle now and look 5-10 years forward to design your kitchen to meet your needs.



Choose from an unlimited number of finishes. Simple earth tones and natural stained woods are always safe. Glazing and distressing can add layers and character. Mixing woods can be tastefully done. If you have a maple floor or trim consider looking at a different wood species for the cabinets. Too much of one texture can take away flavour from the other.



Kitchens often exude personality and let homeowners express themselves through the use of different materials and applications